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How the “Botriviera” got its Bounce back

For years the little town of Botrivier had only one claim to fame. It was the place where the television comedy Nommer Asseblief was filmed during the late 1970s. Remember? It was silly and sweet, and if memory serves right it featured a switchboard operator who simpered “Nommer Asseblief.” And that’s the picture people had […]


Melissa’s Christmas Cakes on the Shelves

  Christmas 2014 marks the 5th year of Zest making the Melissa’s Christmas Cakes. Like so many of our products these are a little like our babies. Baked with love in August every year, they are then guarded safely while they mature for three month. Once they have had enough time soaking up the brandy, we package them […]


Elgin Open Gardens 2014

1st & 2nd November 10am – 4pm 8th & 9th November 10am – 4pm Put a spring in your step and join us in celebrating the start of summer! Wander through the gardens of vivid colours and perfumed flowers, quench your thirst with our unique wines, satisfy your hunger with delicious food and take yourself back in […]